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A City United is a grassroots collective in Chicago striving to build and strengthen our community.


Our founding mission is to establish a network of local and national-brand businesses and organizations that will provide an easily identifiable safe public space in which people can go to escape being targets of acts of hate.

In addition to our founding mission, we will also provide several other resources to unite and support our community, including items such as:

* Self-Defense & Safety Classes

* Advanced First Aid Classes

* Operating a fresh and efficient Facebook group for the Food & Beverage Service Industry of Chicago, providing resources like job postings, networking, and self-care resources to a vastly under-nurtured industry.

As we launch in 2021, we'll be looking to build our collective! We'll need people to join to help with projects and events, as well as donor drives. As we grow, we'll need to add to our team to continually grow and nurture the safe space alliance we are building! Developments will continue to be posted to our Facebook page and website.

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