In the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of the world as we know it. The food & beverage service industry is one that has seen some of the most radical changes in the face of this adversity. Although we’re still attempting to adapt to all of the new normals that are becoming everyday life for the industry, we’re starting to see more and more silver linings. We have a lot of work and recovery ahead of us, but things are getting better. 


Darkest Before Dawn has partnered West Town Feeds, in association with A City United, to offer a day to come together as a community and reignite our spark so we can move forward together! 


We’ll be providing free meals to service industry members across Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day, Wednesday, March 17th!! Our partner restaurants are offering some great selections, including pizzas, tacos, burgers, BBQ, and more! Even though partner locations are spread out across Chicago, we’ll be offering a delivery pre-order option to help with accessibility if you can’t come in to pick up your free meal. Pickup orders are still highly encouraged to pre-order as well to guarantee availability. First we feast, then we continue work rebuilding our community and showing everybody why Chicago is a giant star on the industry map!


You can place your order by going to: www.bit.ly/industryeatsorder


** Orders may be contacted to verify industry employment within the last 18 months.


Industry Eats has been a collaboration between - 


Darkest Before Dawn: an industry specific collective providing meetings and accessibility for mental health and substance abuse wellness.     www.db4d.org


West Town Feeds: a community collective banding together to support our neighbors in need by partnering with and supporting our local restaurants.     www.westtownfeeds.com

We at a City United are incredibly proud to collaborate again on another project by Darkest Before Dawn!